AMNIOX Medical

Industry: Regenerative tissue therapies

AMNIOX Medical engineers restorative tissue, drawing on a quarter-century of research on the biochemistry of the human amniotic membrane, which serves as an effective dressing or graft for wounds to many different kinds of tissues.
AMNIOX has developed a restorative tissue that draws on the amniotic membrane’s unique properties to aid in regenerative healing for transplants, allografts and wound care.
Through more than 130,000 transplants and 300-plus peer-reviewed articles, AMNIOX has demonstrated the safety and efficacy of its tissue transplant technologies to promote healing and reduce inflammation and scarring.
AMNIOX’s current product portfolio and product pipeline address the needs of an estimated $2 billion global market in wound healing, orthopedic reconstruction and spine and neurological therapies.

Company website: AMNIOX Medical

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