Jiri (Art) Janata, Ph.D.

Sensors and Instrumentation
Georgia Institute of Technology
Recruited: 1997

Dr. Janata's interests are in the area of electrochemistry, chemical sensors, and interfacial chemistry. He is also interested in any scientific issues impacting global health, environment and security.

Major projects in his laboratory have been chemical electronics and development of novel analytical tools.


Most of the team's work revolves around electrochemical synthesis of organic functional materials. It involves synthesizing, characterizing and studying electronic materials with predictable and tunable properties for detection of chemicals and for catalysis. Another project deals with development of a new type of instrumentation for measurement of very weak magnetic fields.That instrument that could also open new avenues for study of paramagnetic materials.

Dr. Janata's team has also prepared a microirradiator for safe delivery of highly concentrated doses of beta radiation to biological samples. This project is done in collaboration with the Georgia Health Sciences University. It could have impact on radiobiology and radiation therapy.

Choosing Georgia

The Georgia Institute of Technology is a highly collaborrative and supportive environment.  In fact, the above projects have been funded, at least in part, by the Georgia Research Alliance.This kind of support promotes development of new ideas and greatly facilitates commercialization of successful projects. Such a funding paradigm is very different from other states and places where Dr. Janata worked before.  It places Georgia in a competitive position in the science and technology areas. The quality of students at Georgia Tech is very good and the combination of science and engineering is unique and very beneficial.