Marilyn Wolf, Ph.D.

Embedded Computer Systems
Georgia Institute of Technology
Recruited: 2007

Dr. Wolf's research is centered around:

  • embedded computing systems
  • smart cameras
  • multimedia
  • VLSI systems
  • biochips


Dr. Wolf is particularly interested in researching how embedded computing systems underlie our modern society. These are the fundamental design methods that underlie systems ranging from cell phones to electric power grids. Dr. Wolf is developing methodologies that can be used by a broad range of designers to create real-time, low-power, low-cost systems. As driving examples, the lab is  developing distributed smart cameras that analyze complex scenes in real-time using peer-to-peer architectures.

The lab is also working on distributed smart cameras that can cooperate to understand scenes in a very large area such as a building or a city; as well as methods for reliably characterizing the performance and power consumption of embedded systems.

Choosing Georgia

Georgia Tech is a great place with a lot of outstanding researchers and great facilities. Georgia is also a great place to live.