Susan G. Shows

Senior Vice President

A seasoned leader with experience building technology-based economic development programs, Susan Shows manages GRA’s portfolio of $640 million of investment at Georgia’s leading research universities. 

The foundation of GRA’s portfolio is the talent and infrastructure of its Academy of Eminent Scholars. Susan is involved in all aspects of the program, beginning with articulating to candidates why they should move their research to Georgia, and later ensuring that scientists have the resources to continue to excel in their fields.  Susan also manages much of GRA’s financial analytics, which guide the organization’s long-term strategic planning and provides transparency to GRA’s partners in state government. 

Susan previously shaped GRA’s venture development program from 2002 to 2008. GRA was one of the first organizations in the country to tackle university-based venture development, and in 2007, received a national award for its groundbreaking efforts.  Today, GRA has a portfolio of 180 companies that have attracted more than $1 billion in equity investment.

Susan began her career as an industrial engineer at Square D Company in Lexington KY.  She became part of the company’s start-up team for a new manufacturing facility in North Carolina.  Prior to joining GRA in 2001, Susan worked at Georgia Tech, where she managed collaborations between the university, federal agencies, and industry, and later served as general manager of ATDC, Georgia Tech’s business incubator.  Today, she is on the board of the Technology Association of Georgia and serves as an advisor to regional and national organizations that support translational research and technology-based economic development. 

Susan earned an MBA from Xavier University, Cincinnati, and a B.S. in Industrial Management from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.


 Susan G. Shows, Senior Vice President