December 19, 2018

Our holiday special: "12 Days of Georgia Innovation"

We look across university labs and startups — and find there's so much to celebrate

For a dozen days in December 2018, we celebrated Georgia's brilliant (and fearless) scientists and entrepreneurs who drive so much innovation in our state. Here's the recap:

Day 1: Get a shot without ever feeling the needle? In your lifetime, most likely YES. See why >

Day 2: Who’s Wilbur Lam? Only one of the most prolific innovators in Georgia! Get to know him in 2 minutes. Watch > 

Day 3: Meet the UGA research team that may well lead us to the Holy Grail of flu-fighting: A universal vaccine. Watch > 

Day 4: Eight of the nation’s top 10 banks use technology invented at Ga Tech to protect themselves from voice fraud. That tech spawned the ultra-hot startup Pindrop, which just closed on a $90M round of investment. Get to know >  

Day 5: Bermuda grass that grows ... in the shade? UGA made it happen, and TifGrand is now a top seller nationwide. Read about it > 

Day 6: If you had a nail in your ankle, well … you’d want it to be DynaNail! Invented by GRA-backed MedShape, it greatly increases the odds that ankle fusion surgery will work. Watch >  

Day 7: For those on parole or probation, complying with rules, regs and requirements is more complex than you might think. But an inventive app from startup Acivilate is simplifying all that -- and it stands to save government a lot of money. Get to know them >  

Day 8: The research rise of GeorgiaState and its Institute of Biomedical Sciences has been phenomenal: Georgia State now brings $222M in research funding to Georgia. Watch > 

Day 9: Spot autism early, and you’ve got a much better chance to lessen its impact. Scientists at Emory have invented eye-tracking technology to detect autism in the first few months of life. Watch > 

Day 10: One research center. One billion dollars in research grants … and many impressive results. It’s the Emory Vaccine Center, a crown jewel of Georgia research. Watch > 

Day 11: Hats off to the ingenious sewing robots engineered at Georgia Tech! The young company Softwear Automation is now putting them to work in the marketplace. More > 

Day 12: Here’s a story every Georgian should know: One of our state’s universities came up with the most-prescribed HIV medication in the world. We owe great thanks to Emory scientists. Read all about it >