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January, 2019

Georgia universities to prepare curriculum for emerging workforce in 'biomanufacturing'

  • Quest helps power Sunday’s ‘Big Game’
  • Scholar co-authors report on Earth’s future
  • UGA to lead study of life’s ‘building blocks’
  • You’re it! TAG names 40 most innovative cos.
  • Scholar to continue epic research program
  • on the factors that cause juvenile diabetes
  • Microneedles may also work as contraceptive
  • Gone in a snap: Old-school counting
  • ArunA taps seasoned pharma exec for CEO
  • Now (officially) famous: Cassidy and Saporta

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December, 2018

Article: Research from Georgias universities drives big results

  • A novel idea continues to pay off for Georgia
  • Pindrop closes $90 million investment round 
  • 2 GRA Eminent Scholars receive high honor
  • Join the celebration ... of Georgia innovation!
  • Protons now flying in Midtown Atlanta as Winship adds powerful cancer treatment
  • Scholar uncovers clues to lupus mystery
  • New tool can predict best cancer drug to try
  • We’re GRAteful to you in the season of giving

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October, 2018

MacArthur Foundation awards Gwinnett $50K to test Acivilate tech

  • Measuring up: Gates Foundation backs study of BST technology to help kids worldwide
  • New scholar works to defeat cyber threats 
  • ArunA Bio gets $5 million investment boost
  • FDA grant enhances GA Tech’s leadership 
  • in developing advanced cell manufacturing
  • Gimme gathers major Atlanta startup award
  • Sholl selected by peers for key board position

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September, 2018

New video series: Company leaders make their pitch

  • Top expert in brain imaging analysis is first GRA Eminent Scholar with triple appointment
  • UGA working to optimize indoor farm lighting
  • Emory + Children’s = good news for kids
  • New grant, discovery make Ming-Hui’s month
  • GRA Trustee Bowers to get esteemed award
  • Russell Allen named to lead GRA
  • MedShape CEO to manage GRA Venture Fund

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August, 2018

AKESOgen rides wave of interest in genetics

  • UGA to welcome scholar in ‘sugar science’
  • Immunotherapy expert brings lab to Emory
  • Supercomputing pioneer joins Georgia Tech
  • A new view of a viable threat
  • Fund News, Part 1: Keeping bikers cool 
  • Fund News, Part 2: A drug moves forward

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July, 2018

New video: Georgias powerhouse of vaccine research

  • Scholar to explore mysterious Ebola species
  • Entrepreneurship on the rise at UGA
  • Plastic, Part 1: NPR spotlights GA scientist 
  • Plastic, Part 2: Wrap food in... crab shells?
  • Publisher’s charitable legacy extends to GRA
  • Mercer distributes 10,000th prosthetic leg
  • Study: Support for research remains strong

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June, 2018

Now showing: The wondrous lab of Wilbur Lam

  • Dedication of Georgia Tech research facility marks the start of a new era in cell therapies
  • MuniRem reagents to be widely used in Israel
  • Startup offers a new view of an old disease 
  • Gimme gets GRA Venture Fund investment
  • Worth a look: ‘The Body on Fire’ 
  • See what’s on the mind of Sanjoy Malik
  • Scholar offers new theory on brain activity

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May, 2018

Allen gift accelerates collaborative research; scientists report on progress

  • Mastermind of material science joins Georgia Tech as newest Eminent Scholar 
  • Vaccine society to hold conference in ATL, attracting world’s industry, science experts
  • Margulies: ‘I like bringing people together'
  • Molecule spurs more cancer-fighting cells, Augusta University researchers find
  • GRA Venture Fund adds Accuitis to portfolio
  • GSU discovery advances ‘smart drugs’
  • Scholar illuminates bacterial evasion of drugs
  • Magazine names Doug Hertz ‘most respected’

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April, 2018

Essay: Science today brings a brighter tomorrow

  • Microscope magnifies opportunity for Mercer
  • Vanity Fair, Atlanta Inno showcase potential of robotics research at Georgia Tech
  • NIH awards $5.6 million to Scholar’s research
  • UGA’s Stice elected to National Academy
  • Emory team IDs way to spot early infection
  • GRA Venture Fund connected to local awards

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March, 2018

Acivilate added to the GRA Venture Fund portfolio

  • At Emory, a scientist’s war against ‘bad bugs’
  • Seed funds will grow UGA irrigation startup
  • Tech jobs, investment booming in Georgia 
  • How a milkshake can wreak havoc on blood
  • Clearer sight for Clearside patients in trial
  • GSU team finds compound to combat Ebola
  • University-born brilliance celebrated at Emory
  • Let us now praise a true Georgia visionary

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February, 2018

Imaging innovator joins Georgia Tech as GRA Eminent Scholar

  • Promising advance made in stroke treatment
  • Life science stars honored by Georgia Bio 
  • Antibiotics can get a boost from CO gas
  • More biomarkers may come out of hiding, thanks to work of GRA Eminent Scholars
  • Herron named vice chair of Georgia Bio

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January, 2018

Top expert in bacterial communities brings research to Georgia

  • Scientists at GRA universities gain new access to each other's sophisticated lab technologies 
  • From the analysis of 5,800 young people: New clues about the origins of Type 1 diabetes
  • Emory Scholar leads important AIDS discovery
  • Celtaxsys to 'accelerate' with Series E round
  • GRA Eminent Scholar wins coveted prize
  • A company to watch: Quest Renewables
  • Why 2017 was a year to remember
  • GRA’s Cassidy announces retirement

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December, 2017

UGA startup acquired, will continue to grow offices in Georgia

  • Magazines worth reading, part 1: Georgia's enterprising scientists spotlighted
  • Magazines worth reading, part 2: Georgia's startup climate attracts top talent
  • GRA Scholar chosen to join prestigious AAAS
  • Destiny of a partnership: East West Manufacturing acquires Innovolt, one of its longtime customers
  • Now boarding for GRA: Four new Trustees
  • Georgia State discovery could unlock ways to prevent, treat abdominal aorta aneurysms
  • Deloitte names Urjanet to its 'Fast 500' list

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October, 2017

New video spotlights UGA Scholars pursuit of universal vaccine

  • Treatment for dry eye to advance in study following $5M investment in Cambium
  • Newly christened institute at Georgia State prepares tomorrow's creative thinkers
  • NeurOp will test drug to prevent ischemia
  • Scholarly gathering forges new connections
  • Bio industry convenes, and GRA is all around
  • In appreciation of our partner in flight: Delta

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September, 2017

GRA-backed alliance gets $51M HIH grant, welcomes UGA

  • Acquisition of tech startup Vertera Spine illustrates the potential of GRA Ventures
  • National effort shaped by Georgia Tech, GRA advances with $20 million grant from NSF
  • Tracking vehicle fleets is just the beginning: Investors see great potential in Cognosos
  • $11M grant to expand Emory autism research
  • FDA: Thumbs up to finger-prick anemia test
  • A new era of drug discovery dawns at UGA
  • GRA named 'unsung hero' of collaboration

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August, 2017

Gifts from the gifted (and thanks from us)Nano-biotech expert arrives at GA Tech as GRA Eminent Scholar

  • UGA startup forges different path in learning
  • Transforming the transformers: Georgia Tech aims to usher in a new era of power delivery
  • Join the discussion: The future of water tech
  • GRA Trustees among 'most respected' CEOs
  • Gifts from the gifted (and thanks from us)

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July, 2017

Carbice nets $1.5M investment, co-led by GRA Venture Fund

  • Inlighta lands $2M grant to test MRI agent
  • Eye-tracking study: How children focus on the world can be traced to genetics
  • Nothing like experience: Georgia Tech's VIP helps prepare the workforce of tomorrow
  • GRA welcomes (and thanks!) Wells Fargo

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June, 2017

GRA Venture Fund adds FraudScope to its portfolio

  • Clinical trial validates vaccination patch invented by Georgia Tech
  • Peanut genome expert to remain at University of Georgia
  • Georgia's research prowess wins national recognition
  • GRA's commercialization program nabs national prize
  • Cooper, Ahmed celebrated for historic contributions to science
  • Que Oncology gets $16M investment

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May, 2017

Susan S. Margulies coming to Georgia as GRA Eminent Scholar

  • Emory's Winship Cancer Institute receives NCI designation 
  • UGA joins ranks of commercialization elite with NSF I-Corps site
  • Augusta University scientists identify protein's potential to fight cancer
  • GRA Eminent Scholar to advise NIH director
  • NIH renews funding for Emory AIDS research

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April, 2017

UGA spotlights value of GRA partnership, Eminent Scholars

  • UGA spotlights value of GRA partnership, Eminent Scholars
  • New NIH-funded research at Georgia State will explore diabetes-related heart condition
  • One to watch: Young Georgia Tech scientist captures attention — and $1M — from NSF
  • Emory: Testing for activated T cell in patients with lung cancer may predict shrinking tumor
  • 'Sugar scientists' gather at state symposium



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March, 2017

UT neuroscientist moving research to Augusta University

  • UT neuroscientist moving research to Augusta University
  • New investment powers Urjanet expansion 
  • GRA Eminent Scholar targets Ebola virus
  • Emory discovery helps clarify how to make some cancer-fighting drugs more effective
  • WSB-TV program spotlights GRA's impact
  • SE Conference selects GRA Eminent Scholar for 2017 Faculty Achievement Award
  • Looking for inspiration for innovation? Make plans to come to Rome, Ga. April 13-14



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February, 2017

Video showcases Georgia States ascent in biomed research

  • Video showcases Georgia State’s ascent in biomed research
  • University of Georgia joins consortium working to reduce risk, cost of cell therapies 
  • Georgia universities team up to speed ‘translation’ of diabetes research
  • 'Spider web' approach developed at Emory may open the door to new cancer drugs
  • Georgia Tech startup is featured in GA Trend
  • GRA welcomes aboard Delta Air Lines
  • What will make you sick when you’re older? New study aims to predict potential threats




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January, 2017

Analysis: Group of Eminent Scholars made major impact

  • Analysis: Group of Eminent Scholars made major impact
  • Spinal fusion innovator Vertera continues its rapid rise with GRA Ventures' support
  • UGA startup's unique 'far red' lighting system makes indoor agriculture more viable 
  • GRA has high profile at annual industry event
  • Magazine spotlights pioneering work of GRA Eminent Scholar 40 years ago
  • Discovery: Gene produces schizophrenic-like symptoms after mutations in mice



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December, 2016

UGA recruits expert on infectious disease as GRA Eminent Scholar

One of the world’s leading experts on malaria and parasitic diseases is GRA’s newest Eminent Scholar. Recruited from the University of South Florida, Dennis Kyle joins the University of Georgia on January 3.


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October, 2016

Magazine: Georgia's bioscience industry is gathering momentum

Research labs at Georgia’s universities — and the startups they spawn — are an integral part of the state’s $15 billion bioscience landscape, Georgia Trend magazine reports this month. The feature article “Under the Microscope” examines assets such as nationally recognized research centers and strong collaboration that have led Georgia to an enviable position in bioscience.


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September, 2016

Georgia Tech's Rohatgi to build on solar-cell success

GRA Eminent Scholar Dr. Ajeet Rohatgi of Georgia Tech has repeatedly broken records for engineering high-efficiency cells that can be produced faster and at lower cost.  A new 2-minute GRA “Breakthrough” video, airing on WPBA-TV, traces the arc of Rohatgi’s pioneering work in the field. • Watch the video >  


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August, 2016

Infectious disease expert joins UGA as a GRA Eminent Scholar

The scientist who discovered a protein element key to a vaccine against a deadly lung infection is the newest GRA Eminent Scholar. Karen Norris, who starts at the University of Georgia on September 1, is regarded as one of the nation’s leading researchers in infectious diseases.


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July, 2016

A new video airing on Atlanta's PBA 30 recounts the 1960s breakthrough made by GRA Eminent Scholar Max Cooper that changed the prevailing view of the human immune system.


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June, 2016

Georgia leads national effort to standardize manufacture of cells

As therapies based on human cells continue to evolve in modern medicine, a need to bring consistency to how such cells are mass-produced has emerged. Now, a national consortium led by GRA and Georgia Tech has completed a road map to create such standards and make the U.S. a world leader in cell therapy manufacturing. Announced this month at the White House, the 10-year national road map reflects the input of 60-plus representatives from industry, government and nonprofit organizations.


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May, 2016

Georgia State recruits top Ebola researcher

Georgia’s newest GRA Eminent Scholar is a leading expert on Ebola and other emerging viruses. Chris Basler, who joins Georgia State University from New York’s Icahn School of Medicine, is program director on two NIH grants and principal investigator on a third — all totaling $20 million through 2019.


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April, 2016

NIH re-invests in work of Clark Atlanta center

Prostate cancer research at Clark Atlanta University got a major boost in April with news of $2.75 million in NIH grants to a research enterprise headed by GRA Eminent Scholar Shafiq Khan.


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March, 2016

GRA Ventures companies net $1 billion in equity investment

Companies launched out of Georgia's universities with early-stage investment from GRA Ventures reached a major milestone in March: A collective total of $1 billion in additional equity investment from venture capital firms and other investors.


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February, 2016

Universities explore ways to combat the Zika virus

Even before the World Health Organization formally declared the Zika virus an international health emergency on Feb. 16, scientists at Georgia’s universities were at work investigating ways to prevent and treat the virus.


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January, 2016

It’s well known that GRA’s strategic investments in talent and infrastructure help Georgia’s universities secure major federal research grants. But this leverage also applies to private funding sources, as evidenced by two philanthropic gifts announced this month to strengthen university research.

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December, 2015

From research to revenue: New beginnings worth noting

Two different ceremonies this fall illustrated the life cycle of scientific discovery in Georgia — and how it ultimately grows the economy and benefits humankind.


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October, 2015

GRA briefs Georgia delegation, honors Sen. Johnny Isakson

A stunning view of the U.S. Capitol from the Jones Day law firm in Washington, DC provided the backdrop to GRA’s briefing this month to the Georgia Congressional delegation on how the state’s research universities are contributing to Georgia’s economic vitality.


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September, 2015

Georgia's universities report big gains in research funding

Early numbers this fall show that Georgia's research universities continue to be powerful magnets for attracting external grants to advance scientific exploration.


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August, 2015

A record year of recruitment

Georgia became the new research home for eight world-class scientists in FY15 — the largest class of GRA Eminent Scholars recruited to the state's universities in over a decade.

The Scholars, whose research ranges from molecular medicine to energy management technologies, are occupying endowed chairs at Emory, Georgia Tech, Georgia State and The University of Georgia. They arrived with $27 million in federal funding for their research.

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July, 2015

Clean Hands Safe Hands secures patents, investment

 A technology developed by Clean Hands Safe Hands (CHSH) aims to reduce those infections by promoting hand hygiene in an entirely new way.Headquartered at ATDC, the company got a big boost in July with the awarding of two patents and the approval of a key Phase III investment from GRA Ventures.

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June, 2015

Invention grows here: Georgia prominent in top 100 patent list

Poultry vaccines discovered at The University of Georgia. A new device from Emory to treat kidney failure. Technology developed at Georgia Tech to harvest and re-use energy from portable devices. 

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May, 2015

Trustee meeting brings review of GRA's impact over time

Anniversaries typically bring reflections of the past, but the marking of GRA’s 25th anniversary at the May 21 Board of Trustees meeting was just as much about the organization’s present and future.

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April, 2015

Expert in metabolomics named newest GRA Eminent Scholar

A leader in a scientific field that explores how molecules sustain life is joining The University of Georgia as the state’s newest GRA Eminent Scholar.


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March, 2015

Varian's Georgia connection runs deep, gets stronger

This month brought the announcement that cancer treatment system manufacturer Varian Medical Systems will make Georgia its East Coast hub — and the news is further testament to the company’s strong relationship with the state’s R&D ecosystem.

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